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Yukon sees improved sales tax results

For The Yukon Review

Sales tax reports for Yukon and Mustang are positive for the most recent reporting period from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, but the dollars were down in El Reno.
The December sales tax report is for the second half of October with an estimate of the first 15 days of November, the tax commission reports.
Yukon saw an increase of $89,418 for the period with this year’s number of $1,965,053 received compared to $1,875,635.
In Mustang, 2019 sales tax receipts came in at $955,393 compared to $889,906 in 2018, for an increase of $65,487, the commission reports.
Meanwhile, El Reno saw a downturn in sales tax with a total $834,706, an amount of $139,346 less than 2018, when sales tax receipts were $974, 052.
“It’s a big drop,” El Reno Mayor Matt White said. “But last year, we had the same amount of drop during the same month.”
He said the downturn is related to oil-field production and the economy.
One major oil producer, Halliburton, closed in El Reno this month.
White said the city budgeted conservatively to be prepared for a possible shortfall.
“With Halliburton shutting down, we expect there will be more of a drop. But we have been preparing for this, and we have been conservative. We know that the oil-field comes and goes in Oklahoma, but we have other businesses coming in,” White said. “We’re monitoring it right now.”
Union City showed a significant increase for the period, with a 2019 report of $100,871 compared to $67,737 in 2018, an increase of $33,134.
Other reports show growth in sales tax for parts of Okarche and Geary that lie within Canadian County but a decrease for parts of Oklahoma City.
Geary sales tax showed $57,275 for 2019 compared to $20,678 in 2018, a gain of $36,597.
Okarche had a positive report of $54,604 in 2019 compared to $36,795 in 2018, a gain of $17,809.
But in areas of Oklahoma City in the county, the 2019 sales tax was $1,852,057 compared to $2,019,538, a loss of $167,481.
In Piedmont, 2019 sales tax for the period shows a decrease of $57,492 with the 2019 report of $188,781 compared to $246,273 in 2018.
Canadian County sales tax for the period was $618,740 in 2019. That is $53,667 less than in 2018 when the county reported $672,407.
As for the reported revenues for use tax, or tax generated by internet sales, the tax commission reported the following numbers for the October to mid-November period.

• El Reno: 2019, $373,445; 2018, $928,693.
• Geary: 2019, $213, 2018; $1,954.
• Mustang: 2019, $83,929; 2018, $84,826.
• Piedmont, 2019, $45,270; 2018, $40,655.
• Oklahoma City, Canadian County: 2019, $668,074; 2018, $907,982.
• Okarche: 2019, $0; 2018, $1,509.
• Union City: 2019, $15,861; 2018, $6320.
• Yukon: 2019, $170,867; 2018, $137,592.

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