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Memorial service to honor fallen heroes

The remains of three Oklahoma sailors who were lost at sea during World War II have been discovered off the coast of Okinawa, Japan.
They will be honored next month during a memorial ceremony sponsored by the Yukon Veterans Museum.
Retired Col. Rick Cacini, who is the curator for the museum, said the sailors were aboard the USS Grayback when it went down sometime after Jan. 28, 1944.
The Grayback had left Pearl Harbor on a combat patrol mission, its 10th, when it went missing.
Among the sailors on board were 1st Class radio technician Robert Vernon, who lived in Oklahoma City. He left behind a wife.
Also on board were Lee Carrol Stanford, a chief motor mate, who lived in Ardmore, and Ross Lillard Capshaw, who grew up in Oklahoma, but was living in California at the time of his deployment.
Cacini said a memorial service is planned for noon Jan. 14. The location has not yet been finalized.
Cacini said that while he would like to host the ceremony at the museum, he is concerned about space.
The location will be announced in the next few days, Cacini said.
The ceremony is open to the public.
“We wanted to do something special for them. We should take care of our own,” Cacini said.
The Grayback was discovered in June in 1,400 feet of water off the coast of Okinawa. It was last heard from in February 1944, the U.S. Department of Defense said.
The Grayback’s discovery is part of a private project called the “Lost 52 Project.”
There were 52 submarines reported missing during World War II.
Authorities said the submarine was discovered about 100 miles from its reported location. It was found after the Lost 52 organization discovered an error in calculations.
According to the defense department, the Grayback was among the most successful submarines n World War II.
Officials said the Grayback was responsible for sinking four landing barges, a Japanese submarine and helped rescue six survivors of a crashed B-26 on the island of Munda Bay.
The submarine also was recognized for sinking a Japanese cargo ship and a freighter.

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