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Pets and People auction successful

A family browses at the Pets and People auction Saturday. Funds raised contributed to the rescue’s planned animal shelter. Photo / Chris Eversole

Pets and People offered guests a wide variety of items at its annual dinner and silent auction at 10 West Main Events Saturday.
As the guests bid on everything from Thunder tickets to dog grooming, Amy Young, the organization’s vice president, urged them on.
“Help us save more puppies and kittens, and the occasional rabbit that comes in,” she said at one point.
She also encouraged guests to adopt pets that have been at the animal shelter for six months or longer.
“They’re saying, ‘I can’t wait to sleep in your home,’” she said.
The event raised $36,500 toward Pets and People’s planned new animal shelter.
The organization has a goal of raising $400,000 to $500,000 for the building, which it hopes to start construction soon.
Another organization plans to match donations for the building, said Deena Smith, who is the group’s president.
The 4,700-square-foot building will be near the current Yukon Animal Control facility.
“We’ve had really great backing from the community,” Smith said.
“People have been very generous to us.”
Currently, Pets and People uses space at the Yukon Animal Shelter. However, the city is completing a new building.
That building will be able to accommodate a limited the number of animals for Pets and People.
The organization’s proposed building will be large enough to hold about 50 dogs, and it will have a cat room, Smith said.

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  1. Reney on November 24, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Please don’t ever refuse to give a 19 yo dog back to their owner after an ice storm weighs down a fence enough for the dog to wait for the owners on the front porch, no electricity. He stayed on the porch for God’s sake. Not my fault we have an insane next door neighbor named Shari. Crazy son Brandon.

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