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Elections secretary upgrading security

Canadian County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold is beefing up election security.
Armold and Assistant Secretary Allen Arnold (no relation) are following recommendations of the State Election Board.
For state and federal elections, the elections office will have a sheriff’s deputy posted at the elections’ office during early voting.
“Sheriff (Chris) West told me that he would do whatever I needed to help,” she said.
Early voting has become popular for state and federal elections.
In the 2018 midterm election, 4,217 of the county’s 75,396 voters cast their ballots at the elections office.
That office, 200 S. Bickford Ave. in El Reno, is the sole early voting location in the county.
Early voting is on the Thursday, Friday and until 2 p.m. Saturday before each election.
“We don’t have many people voting early for municipal elections for communities that aren’t near El Reno,” Armold said.
“But we had lines down the street and around the corner in the 2018 midterm election,” Armold said.
That election was unusual for a midterm, with 55,870 of the 75,396 of the county’s registered voters participating – a 74% turnout.
In the midterm, 5,682 people voted by mail.
Another security measure is that Armold is installing security cameras around her office. She also plans to post signs indicating the presence of the cameras.
In addition, Armold plans to upgrade the locks in her office, including those to the room that holds ballot and the one in which voting machines are stored.
She’s asked West for advice on the best approach – such as key fobs or key cards – to keeping a record of who opens a locked door.
The State Elections Board is upgrading its cybersecurity as part of the nationwide effort, Armold noted.
County elections offices are part of the state’s cybersecurity system.
Oklahoma uses scannable ballots, maintaining a paper trail, Armold added.
“We’re doing whatever it takes to keep the elections secure,” she said.

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