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School CFO praised for clean audit

Jim Fenrick shuns the limelight, but he couldn’t avoid attention at Monday’s meeting of the Yukon Board of Education.
The occasion was the report on the audit that outside auditor Jerry Putnam presented to the board.
“It’s a clean audit. There’s not much to complain about,” Putman said.
Fenrick said his two assistants, Dana Jones and Brenda Smith, deserved the credit.
“I’m proud of my staff,” he said. “Their efforts are superb.”
Board President Leonard Wells congratulated Fenrick, who has been with district for 35 years, on the favorable audit.
Board member Suzanne Cannon noted that the staff of three is smaller than the finance office in comparably sized schools.
“They do an amazing job for just them,” she said.
Putman, the auditor, praised the district for increasing its fund balance at the end of the past fiscal year – by $2 million in the general fund and by $467,000 in the building fund.
He also said that the financial records of the activities funds, which are often troublesome in school districts, were in good shape.
“I didn’t see any negative balances,” he said.
The only things the district could do better was to make sure that employees always use their tax-exempt card when making purchases and that they always document their purchases, Putman said.
“After all the smoke clears, all we had were a couple comments,” he said.
The board also honored the 11 teachers of the year.
Their principals told the board and the audience about them.
The comments overlapped with phrases such as “she has a strong passion for teaching,” “I’ve never seen a more patient teacher” and “she does whatever it takes.”
Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said he likes to see the families of teachers of the year at the board meeting that honors the teachers.
“I enjoy watching the families’ pride and joy,” he said.

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