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Threat leads to arrest of high school student

Mustang Police arrested a Mustang High School student at about 5 p.m. Tuesday after he allegedly made a threat of violence earlier in the day.
The student, whose name and age were not released, was taken to the Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center. Charges have not been determined, Mustang Police Chief Robert Groseclose said.
Superintendent Charles Bradley said the threat was not specific about the potential action that might occur.
When he was arrested, the student allegedly confessed to making the threatening statement, Bradley said.
“The investigators determined that there was no credibility to the threat, but there was still a threat that was made,” Bradley said in a statement to parents.
After the threat was made, Mustang police increased their presence at the high school and reminded students and staff of campus security protocols, Bradley said.
“Mustang Public Schools does not tolerate this kind of behavior and feels that every child deserves a safe learning environment,” he said.
“We take all reports of this nature seriously and work closely with our law enforcement partners to investigate and take appropriate actions.”
Federal law prohibits the school district from identifying students involved in incidents and from sharing full detail, Bradley noted.
In the note to parents, he put the incident in perspective.
“The safety and well-being of our students and staff is our utmost priority,” he said.
“It is important to note that during an active investigation, we balance the public’s right to know with not interfering with the police investigation.
“This is often a difficult path to navigate, but we vow to always try to do our best to inform you and avoid interference with any investigations.
“We encourage parents to take this opportunity to converse with their children concerning threats/threatening behavior.”
Bradley listed talking points for conversations between parents and children.
We ask each member of the Mustang Public Schools family to report any suspicious behavior you might encounter, as early intervention can prevent a situation from escalating.
All threats are taken seriously; this is not a matter than can be joked about. Police are notified, and officers and school administration work together to thoroughly investigate any threat, whether it is made verbally, in writing, email, text message or online.
Anyone who makes a threat against a school could face criminal charges. If a student is involved in making a threat, the school/district will respond as outlined in the student handbook.

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