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County projects total $145M, ODOT says

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation plans to spend almost $145 million in Canadian County to upgrade roads and bridges over the next eight years.
Lisa Silam, a spokesperson for ODOT, said the eight-year plan, which was approved by the Transportation Commission earlier this month, is just a proposal and is dependent on available funding.
The projects are prioritized based on safety issues, she said.
The eight-year-plan includes 19 Canadian County projects valued at $144,085,378.
Canadian County has at least one project scheduled for every year through 2027 with the exception of fiscal year 2025.
Several Yukon projects are on the plan, including the construction of an interchange that links Interstate 40 and Frisco Road, as well as the redevelopment of State Highway 4 between Main Street and Northwest Expressway.
In addition, a historic bridge in western Canadian County will get a thorough overhaul valued at more than $28 million.
According to the plan, the state expects to spend just over $34 million next year on seven Canadian County projects.
The Frisco Road project is expected to be the most expensive, coming in at just over $16 million.
The project will involve the construction of on- and off-ramps from I-40 to Frisco Road. The project is currently set to be awarded in June.
Originally, the contract was to be awarded in January. However, delays in relocating utilities has slowed the process.
Yukon and Oklahoma City are sharing in the cost of the project. The Yukon City Council delayed signing an agreement with OKC during its last meeting so that final details could be worked out.
Meanwhile, the other major project is the $14 million construction of a bridge on State Highway 4 just south of Wilshire Boulevard.
The project will replace three bridges with a single 1,500-foot span bridge.
The road will also be widened to include shoulders and a center turn lane.
The first phase will include about a mile stretch of roadway between Wagner Road to just north of Wilshire.
The state is expected seek bids on the project in November and will award it in December.
Work is expected to begin by March.
The second phase of the project is slated for fiscal year 2022 and will include widening of the highway from Main Street to Wagner Road. That project is expected to cost $13.2 million.
The third phase, which will widen the highway from Wilshire to Northwest Expressway, will be done in fiscal year 2023 at an estimated cost of $11.3 million.
Meanwhile, other projects in the 2020 fiscal year include the relocation of utilities on State Highway 152 between Union City and Mustang. The project is in preparation for adding shoulders and resurfacing the road from Cemetery Road to U.S. 81. The utility relocation project will cost about $2.3 million.
Work is also planned to improve intersections at U.S. 81 and SH-66 in El Reno.
A bridge near the Caddo County line also will be replaced in 2020.
In 2021, only one project is planned — continuation of the SH-152 overlay project at a cost of $1.7 million.
In 2022, besides the SH-4 projects, the single most expensive project of the eight-year plan in Canadian County is scheduled.
The Bridgeport Bridge will be rehabilitated. The historic bridge, which was constructed in 1934, is the longest pony tress bridge in Oklahoma.
It is located on Route 66 and is a tourist attraction, said Silam.
The cost is estimated at more than $28 million for the 3,944-foot bridge project.
Also planned in 2022 is a project to modify the intersection of U.S. 81 and SH-66. That project is expected to cost about $4.5 million.
An almost $11 million project in 2023 will upgrade the drainage and grade on SH-152 between U.S. 81 and Banner Road.
Another $11 million project will continue that work from Banner Road to Cemetery Road in Mustang.
In 2024, the state plans to widen an overpass at Country Club Road in El Reno to five lanes at a cost of $4 million. It is the only project on the plan for Canadian County.
In 2026, three projects are on the drawing board. They include the replacement of two bridges near the Blaine County line costing a combined $2 million.
The third project is the replacement of a bridge near the Caddo County line on U.S. 281 at a cost of $4.4 million.
Two projects are planned in 2027. Both are near the Caddo County line and involve resurfacing I-40. The projects are expected to cost $2 million each.

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