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Yukon names teachers of the year

Yukon teachers have honored 11 of their own as district site teachers of the year.
The honors were announced late Friday by the Yukon Professional Educators.
This year’s honorees include two pre-kindergarten teachers, a kindergarten teacher, a first-grade teacher, a third-grade teacher, a special education teacher, a gifted and talented teacher, a media specialist, a math teacher and an English teacher.
The winner of this year’s District Teacher of the Year will be announced in the spring and will go on to represent the district for State Teacher of the Year.
The current teacher of the year is Whitney Brunton.
This year’s honorees include:
Emilee Crim, a pre-kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary;
Jessica Abernethy, a first-grade teacher at Myers Elementary;
Meagan Deckard, a pre-kindergarten teacher at Parkland Elementary;
Kayce Davis, a third-grade teacher at Ranchwood Elementary;
Bethany Gilreath, a kindergarten teacher at Shedeck Elementary;
Amy Jandebeur, a first-grade teacher at Skyview Elementary;
Yeneer Oruru, a special education teacher at Surrey Hills Elementary;
Keri Smith, a gifted and talented teacher at Independence Elementary;
Lori Gossen, a media specialist at Lakeview Elementary;
Lucus Dekinder, a seventh-grade math teacher at Yukon Middle School;
Brandy Hackett, an English teacher at Yukon High School.

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