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City installs first speed table

Residents on West Linden Drive thank Councilman Travis McKenzie (right) with helping them get city approval for a speed table. This is the first speed table installed since the city established a process to request them two years ago. Photo / Chris Eversole


The City of Mustang has installed its first speed table under a program that the city council approved two years ago.
Councilman Travis McKenzie spearheaded a petition drive to qualify for the installation of the speed table on West Linden Drive, which is located south of State Highway 152 and between Mustang Road and Czech Hall Road.
City Manager Timothy Rooney suggested the program to reduce speeding in neighborhoods, which he said was the No. 1 complaint the city receives.
“If you are willing to knock on doors, we have a process for you to get speed tables,” Rooney said at a council meeting earlier this month.
McKenzie said he appreciated the city’s help.
“I want to thank the city for doing something to get some traffic calming,” he said.
“More needs to be done, and I’m working with the city manager on what else can be done,” he said.
McKenzie is working with Councilman Terry Jones on gathering signatures for a speed table on Silver Drive, a north-south street that spans the wards that both councilmen serve, he said.
The speed table on Linden was included in this year’s budget, and additional speed tables would need to be budgeted in following years, Rooney said.
Unlike speed bumps, speed tables have beveled edges to ease a vehicle entering and exiting them.
The city has a longstanding policy against installing speed bumps.
“They’re not allowed for good reason – because of the potential liability for damage to vehicles,” Rooney said.
“Speed tables encourage traffic to slow down without being jarring,” Rooney said. “We need to move beyond putting stop signs at every intersection.”

Speed table criteria
The criteria for speed tables are:
• 75% of the residents along the street segment where the speed table is requested must agree with the request.
• Both property owners adjacent to the speed table must agree to its placement.
• If the request is located in a subdivision with an active home-owners association, the HOA must approve of the request.
• The street for which the speed table is to be located must be a residential or residential collector street with a posted speed limit of 25 mph or less with more than 400 vehicle trips per day.
• Fifteen percent of the vehicles must be traveling 30 mph or higher in a 25 mph speed zone.

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