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Assault video prompts YPD investigation

Officials with the Yukon Police Department say they have identified several people involved in multiple assaults on the same middle school student and are reviewing the information to determine what charges are warranted.
The assaults, which were captured on video and then posted to social media sites, came to light over the weekend.
The two assaults allegedly occurred on Sept. 12 and Sept. 13.
According to a news release from the Yukon Police Department, two videos were posted.
One video shows the juvenile being assaulted by at least three people. The police release states that authorities determined that assault, which appears to be unprovoked, occurred in the 400 block of South Ranchwood.
A second assault apparently occurred in a restroom at Yukon Middle School.
Yukon Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth posted a video on the district’s social media sites.
“We are appalled every time one of our students is involved in something like this. Our hearts go out to that kid and to the families when anything like that happens,” Simeroth said.
However, he warned the public against overreacting to the video, and said those involved have been disciplined.
Unfortunately, Simeroth said, how the students were disciplined cannot be revealed because of federal privacy laws.
“We protect kids legally, we try to protect them physically. We know things sometimes happen. Our administrators and teachers are on it when it happens. The minute they find out about it, they are on it,” he said.
Simeroth urged the public to contact the schools if they know something is going on so the situation can be dealt with as quickly as possible.
“We are here to solve problems,” Simeroth said. “We want to provide resources to our teachers to help solve those problems.”

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