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Yukon’s student enrollment tops 9k


More than 9,000 students are now enrolled in classes in the Yukon School District, the district’s superintendent said Monday.
Dr. Jason Simeroth told the Yukon School Board that the current enrollment is 9,060 students. That is a record for the district, and more than 200 students higher than were expected.
Simeroth said in August that he was expecting about 8,800 students this year.
The new enrollment record will not be official until Oct. 1, when the Oklahoma Department of Education finalizes the numbers, Simeroth said.
“We start off with a conservative estimate, and then if it expands like that, we are thrilled.
“We are planning for the future and, right now, we still have the space,” he said.
The growth, he said, is about 2% over last year’s numbers.
“Our class size is still really good,” Simeroth said.
Yukon’s class sizes remain under 24, even with the growth, said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jason Brunk.
Simeroth said most of the growth was at the pre-kindergarten through third-grade level.
It was spread across all the elementary schools, though the largest growth was at Surrey Hills. That area is seeing substantial housing growth.
It also is the same area where Redstone Intermediate is being constructed and will be ready for students next August.
Work is progressing quickly on the building, Simeroth said.
He also pointed out that administrators have begun the process of trying to determine the zones, which will divide students between the three schools that will house students in fourth through sixth grades.
The other two schools will be Lakeview and Independence elementary schools.
Simeroth said the process will take several months to complete.
In addition, he said there are no plans to hire a principal in the near future.
However, the district is reviewing plans for hiring teachers for the new school. That process, he said, also will take several months and will involve the Yukon Education Association.

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