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Area firefighters join hurricane efforts


Firefighters from Yukon and Mustang are part of a team of rescuers who are in Florida to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.
Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt said Capt. Cary Provence, a 19-year veteran of the department, is part of a search and rescue team that left Saturday for the east coast of Florida.
The team is in a staging area near Orlando.
Dorian, which was still rated as a Category 3 hurricane on Tuesday, was expected to shift north toward the Carolinas, bringing the threat of torrential rain and strong winds to that part of the country.
However, before moving north, it was still expected to create problems, including strong storm surge that could raise the water level by as much as 20 feet, along with winds topping 90 mph and torrential rain to the Florida coast.
Vogt said Provence could be gone for as long as two weeks.
Another member of the department had been on the list to make the trip, but was unable to do so because of family obligations.
Vogt said Provence’s job with the task force will be “hands on.”
“They all have swift-water and structural collapse training,” said Vogt.
Meanwhile, Capt. Jonathan Sprague from the Mustang Fire Department, also is part of the team. He’s been with the department for 14 years.

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