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City water restrictions remain in effect

Despite recent rains, Yukon city officials are reminding residents that the city remains under water restrictions.
City Manager Jim Crosby, earlier this week, urged residents to continue conserving water.
The city, he said, has seen a significant increase in water useage over the past few weeks.
“The first part of summer was unusually cool and wet, so the high heat brought high consumption in August,” Crosby said. “We are hoping that the weather continues to cool down and consumption lowers over the next few billing cycles.”
According to city records, more than 96 million gallons of water were used in August. That is the highest level of the year, thus far.
July’s consumption, records show, was more than 63 million and in June, it was more than 56 million.
The city operates under a permanent odd-even water conservation plan.
That means residents who have addresses that end in an odd number can water on odd calendar dates. Those with even numbers can water on even calendar days.
Crosby said it is not necessary to allow your lawn to go brown. However, overwatering can be bad for plants as well, causing them to drown or have shallow roots or disease.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 50 percent of water used outdoors is wasted from inefficient watering methods.
The EPA says that if your grass springs back after it is stepped on, it doesn’t need water.
Longer grass that is maintained can promote more drought-tolerant lawns, reduced evaporation and fewer weeds.

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