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Yukon sales tax dips, use tax grows


After seeing its sales tax increase to more than $2 million in July, Yukon’s sales tax fell by more than $95,000 in August, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s latest report.
According to the figures, which are based on actual sales from the final 15 days of June and estimates of sales for the first 15 days of July, Yukon received $1,947,461 in sales tax revenue.
In July, the city had received $2,042,902.
August’s figures were down when compared to both July and last August, when the city received $1,963,003.
While the sales tax numbers were down for Yukon, the use tax receipts were up by more than $58,000 over last August, the report shows.
Use tax is generated by purchases that are made online.
Yukon received $162,998. That is up about $13,677 compared to to July.
City Manager Jim Crosby has previously said he anticipates that the city’s sales tax numbers will remain flat over much of this year in part because many of the city’s residents cross 10th Street to shop at businesses with Yukon addresses, but that actually are in Oklahoma City.
Several new businesses have recently announced plans to open in the Market at Czech Hall, including Crest and Burlington.
Crest announced last week that it plans to build a 92,000-square-foot store on the southeast corner of the shopping center.
The project still needs the Oklahoma City City’s Council’s approval. It is expected to be on Tuesday’s agenda.
Burlington is set to open later this year.
Meanwhile, Mustang topped the $1 million mark for sales tax in August, bringing in $1,001,708 in sales tax receipts. That is up from $973,002 in July and $956,032 last August.
Both are significant increase.
Mustang’s use tax also was up, jumping to $83,175 in August. In July, it was $67,992. Last August, it wa s$58,250.
El Reno received $1,347,021 in sales tax receipts in August. That is up more than $199,000 over July’s receipts and $165,138 over last August.
El Reno’s use tax continues to grow. In August, the city received $657,290 in use tax. That is up from $579,785 in July.
Canadian County received mixed results. Its sales tax was up when compared to last month, but was down against last year’s receipts.
In July, Canadian County received $744,463 in receipts. That is up from $678,622 in July, but down from $803,154 last August.
The money generated by the sales tax is used to fund the county’s Children’s Justice Center.
The county continues to benefit from use tax, which generated $166,472 for August. That was down from July’s $197,482, but was up from last August’s $146,484.
Oklahoma City’s sales tax was down slightly when compared to July, but down significantly compared to last August.
In August, sales tax generated $1,891,484. July’s receipts were $1,892,997.
Last August, Oklahoma City received $2,345,730.
Oklahoma City’s use tax was down $154,973 compared to July, but was up from August of last year by $153,563. This year’s total was $655,039, the report states.

Calumet received $72,386 in sales tax and $29,721 in use tax;
Geary received $58,620 in sales tax and $2,764 in use tax;
Okarche received $81,118 in sales tax and $11,144 in use tax;
Piedmont received $186,424 in sales tax and $40,384 in use tax;
Union City received $71,230 in sales tax and $21,673 in use tax.

In all, the county shared $7,401,915 in sales tax. That is up $278,984 over July, but down $435,357 for the year.
The use tax total was $1,830,660, which was down $182,122 from July, but up $393,152 from a year ago.

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