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Couple’s third ‘House Hunter’ episode features Yukon, OKC metro area

Troy and Denise Schroder recently filmed their third appearance on “House Hunter.” The episode focuses on the couple purchasing their dream home in the Yukon and Oklahoma City metro area. Photo / Courtesy


Real estate duo Troy and Denise Schroder are no strangers to television, and their most recent endeavor showcases Yukon, a community that is close to both of their hearts.
It was while Denise Schroder was teaching at Yukon High School that she met and fell in love with Troy, who worked for FedEx in Yukon at the time and grew up in the community.
The couple have made appearances on “The Steve Harvey Show,” and Denise Schroder has been featured on “The Rachel Ray Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and CBS’s “The Talk.”
Now, they will be featured on the HGTV show “House Hunters” for the third time – this time as they purchase their dream home in the Oklahoma City metro area.
The episode is set to air Aug. 29 and Aug. 30.
“It’s a really cool story,” Denise Schroder said, though she couldn’t give more details on the episode’s specifics. “It’s the best episode yet.”
The Schroders made their first appearance on HGTV in 2014, when they helped an Air Force veteran relocate from Boston to Oklahoma City.
Later, the couple were set to help another set of buyers, but scheduling conflicts meant they wouldn’t be able to be part of the show.
“I had been talking to the producers and had told them that we had been looking for a house, so they ended up doing an episode of us as buyers,” Schroder said.
The couple have moved three times in the last three years, she added, which led to the episode’s name: “Playing Musical Houses.”
“You get kind of sucked in, finding incredible places to live,” she said.
While Denise admitted that she isn’t a fan of moving, her husband, Troy, enjoys the process, she said.
“In this instance, I wasn’t looking to buy a house. Usually it’s me being prodded – I don’t like to move as often as Troy does, so he was trying to move me into the position of Realtor to buyer, and I wasn’t ready to be the buyer yet,” she said. “He kind of had to shift my mindset to get me to come around, but he ultimately talked me into buying.”
The houses that will be featured in the upcoming episodes are in Oklahoma City and Yukon.
“Oklahoma City and Yukon will both be highlighted on the show, which is great exposure for Yukon and Oklahoma City, in general, to be put in a positive light,” she said.
Initially, the show’s producers had been hesitant to film in the Oklahoma City metro, Schroder said.
“It’s not really on the map,” she said. “But once they came here for the first episode, they were like, ‘This is an incredible city.’”
Now, with the process behind her, Schroder said she’s happy she and her family have settled into their dream home.
“I’m really enjoying it and enjoying the opportunity that we’ve had working with HGTV and House Hunters,” she said. “The exposure and experience have been unforgettable. I feel really blessed, because it’s not easy to get cast on the show, and I think being on it three times … I don’t have words to describe it; I’m just very thankful.”
And, she said, she’s ready to put down roots.
“This is a great house that we won’t outgrow,” she said. “With five kids, we know that grandkids are in our future at some point, so we can fill the house up when they come to visit for the holidays.”

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