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Crews work to replace Wilshire bridge

Construction crews are in the midst of demolishing a wooden bridge near the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and 11th Street in Yukon. A new bridge, including guardrails, will be construction as part of a plan to rebuild the roadway. Photo / Terry Groover


A heavily traveled road that is shared by the cities of Yukon and Oklahoma City will soon see significant improvements.
Demolition is underway of an undersized bridge just west of the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and 11th Street in Yukon.
The bridge, which Yukon City Manager Jim Crosby said is not wide enough, is being demolished so it can be widened. Guardrails will be added.
This is the first of two major projects for the roadway.
Crosby said the bridge project needs to be completed before the road can be rebuilt.
The bridge project is expected to take about two weeks.
Meanwhile, Yukon, Oklahoma City and Canadian County are working to finalize agreements that will allow two miles of the road to be rebuilt from the base up.
Crosby said the road will become a main route of getting to Yukon once work begins on State Highway 4.
Canadian County District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader has agreed to help stabilize the base of the road between 11th Street and Richland Road.
Oklahoma City and Yukon will share the cost of laying a new asphalt roadway.
That project is expected to cost about $1.4 million with the two cities splitting the cost.
Wilshire is the dividing line between Yukon and Oklahoma City.
“This will be a great improvement for the area,” Crosby said.
Work on the bridge began Monday, creating a detour between 11th Street and Frisco Road.
Meanwhile, Crosby said the state Department of Transportation is expected to let the contract on the construction of a 1,500-foot bridge on State Highway 4 in the near future.
The relocation of utilities, which the state requires before issuing the contract, is nearing completion, Crosby said.
The bridge will replace three bridges near the North Canadian River, as well as straighten a dangerous portion of the highway.
It is the first of three phases that will eventually make SH-4 what is knonn as a super two-lane highway. It will have shoulders as well as a center-turn lane.
The bridge will be constructed so that is prepared should the state decide to widen the highway to four lanes in the future.
The second phase of the project involves reconstructing the highway from Yukon’s Main Street, which is also State Highway 66, to Wagner Road.
The third phase, which is a few years down the road, will reconstruct the road between Wilshire and Northwest Expressway. That portion of the project is being completed in conjunction with Oklahoma City.
Crosby has previously said that it is important to get 11th Street and Wagner Road improved as quickly as possible because they will be main thoroughfares into the city during the reconstruction of SH-4.

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