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Summer nearing an end for Millers


With July coming to an end so are summer workouts.
“I have just kind of got used to it over the years. Once school lets out in May, you know that it all is going to happen really fast,” coach Jeremy Reed. “So, it didn’t sneak up on me. You just have to do what you can to manage and get what you want out the summer to get ready for the fall and hopefully be ready for the fall.”
Yukon’s football players have been participating in Miller Iron for the last two months. It is coming to an end next week.
During the summer, coaches have the athletes taking part in conditioning, agility drills, weightlifting and also bonding exercises.
“I think more than that (strength), it’s just watching how our team is growing from a culture standpoint of how they are interacting with each other and what they willing to do for each other. I think all of our coaches have seen a lot of growth in that category,” Reed said. “I think when you know you are going to be a really young football team, like we know we are, that is very important.”
The summer is a vital time for a football team to bond and become a brotherhood and Reed believes his team is on the right track.
“I think it is in the stages of growing and maturing. I don’t think it is, by any means, where we want it to be. I think the kids really made some strides in that department, and I think we have the chance to continue to see those things improve with the summer ending,” Reed said.
With the summer winding down, it means that the season is right around the corner and with the Millers scheduled to play a Week Zero game again this season, that statement is even more applicable.
After next week, the athletes will receive a week off to rest and recover before practices begin Aug. 12.
Because of the Week Zero game the Millers only have 10 practices before they step on the field for live action against a Class 6A opponent.
“When we start the 12th,we only have 10 practices before our first game, which is Edmond North. So, it comes very quickly and we have a lot to do. But with spring football and the things you are allowed to do in the summer, we have definitely taken a lot of steps forward for being ready,” Reed said.
On Aug. 9 the Millers’ seniors will participate in a one-night retreat with their fathers and the coaching staff.
The retreat is a way for everyone to bond and have one last outing before the season begins.
At the retreat, everyone has the opportunity to do some fishing and play arcade games along with cooking out and spending time together.
“Every year our seniors walk away and are just in awe of the time that we spent together and excited to go back and tell their teammates and get ready for the season,” Reed said. “You are going to remember that more than you are going to remember what you did on first down or the first play.”
The Millers will host its Lift-a-thon next Friday so the players can showcase how much they have improved over the summer by increasing their max weights.

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