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Senior leadership to be key for Lady Patriots


After head coach Samantha Lindsey gave her girls an extra week off for summer, the team is back together and hitting the court running.
“It went pretty good. I thought that we picked up where we left off. I’m excited,” said Lindsey.
The Southwest Covenant Lady Patriots took the floor for the first time Monday and are already ahead of the curve from years past.
The team returns all of its talent from last season, which had zero seniors on the roster, and will add an abundance of talent from the freshman class.
“We didn’t lose anybody and we gained a lot of freshman. But everyone who was here last year is here again this year,” Lindsey said.
This season, Lindsey has three seniors who have started since their freshman season, and she has high expectations for the trio to be the leaders.
“I have three seniors who have been big participants for their whole time at Southwest Covenant. So, they are very hungry and excited to get going,” Lindsey said.
With no turnover, the Lady Patriots were able to come into Day 1 with an attitude to get right to work.
Volleyball is a sport that one game, if it’s competitive, can take up to an hour to decide a winner and a match can go as long as two hours.
“We are getting in the best shape that we can because the season is really short. The really good games are really close and a lot of the time the team that is the most conditioned or most mentally ready for the game wins,” Lindsey said.
So, conditioning is a big component for a successful team as a lot of close matches come down to who is more conditioned and can still compete and think at a high level after a grueling competition.
In the first week, Lindsey focused on conditioning with the team and had longer practices to catch up with conditioning.
“They are all sore. It was definitely a good start,” Lindsey said.
The Lady Patriots will take the court for their first scrimmage next Thursday across Yukon Parkway at Yukon High School.
“I think our Thursday scrimmage at Yukon will really give us a good idea of where we are at and where we need to get to. But leading up to that scrimmage we are fine-tuning the lineup and deciding if what we had last year is the way to go,” Lindsey said. “The next few days are going to help us figure out our starting point for the season.”

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