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City sales tax receipts rebound in July

After more than seven months of seeing its sales tax receipts take a downward trend, the city of Yukon received some good news to end the 2019 fiscal year and to start 2020.
According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s sales tax report, Yukon received $2,011,861 in sales tax receipts for July. That is up from $1,950,385 the previous July. That is an increase of $61,476, or about 3.1 percent.
The receipts are based off sales made in the final 15 days of May and an estimate of sales in the first half of June.
Yukon also saw an increase in June, when it received $2,042,902.
While Yukon’s sales tax was up, the city’s use tax receipts were down slightly. Yukon received $149,321 in use tax in July. That was down about $8,058 when compared to last July’s receipts.
Use tax is charged against items that are purchased online or are purchased outside the community but brought in for use.
Yukon City Manager Jim Crosby recently said the increased sales tax was good news for Yukon. The tax is the primary way the city’s budget is funded.
Overall, the city broke even with its sales tax projections last year.
Crosby said he doesn’t expect to see major increases in sales tax for Yukon over the coming year, in part because no major retailers have announced plans to locate in the community. In addition, several retailers have announced plans for Oklahoma City in an area that borders the city of Yukon.
Those include Burlington, convenience store Casey’s General Store and grocery store chain Crest Foods, though it has not chosen a location.
Burlington will be located just south of 10th Street in the Market at Czech Hall, while Casey’s is building a convenience store at the intersection of Cemetery Road and Reno Avenue.
Meanwhile, the news wasn’t quite as good for Mustang, which saw its sales tax fall when compared to last month and last July.
Mustang received $973,002 in sales tax revenue in July. In June, the city received $1,049,340. Last July, Mustang received $1,019,150. The decrease for the month was $76,388. When compared to last July, Mustang’s revenue was down $46,148.
Mustang’s use tax receipts were a bright spot, showing an increase of $22,640 when compared to last July. Mustang received $67,992 in use tax in July.
El Reno saw large increase in year-over-year sales tax revenue. For July, it received $1,147,621. That is up $151,207 over last July, when it received $996,414.
El Reno’s use tax was down significantly, however. It received $579,785 in use tax for July. That is down $209,575 from last July.
Calumet received $162,703 in sales tax. That is an increase of $103,350 over last year. Its use tax was $58,524. That is an increase of $33,825.
Geary saw a decline of $17,338 in sales tax. This year’s return was $45,678. It’s received $3,312 in use tax.
Okarche received $71,0897 in sales tax, a decline of $9,592 from last July. It received $18,8837 in use tax.
Oklahoma City received $1,892,997 in sales tax from Canadian County business. That is an increase of $38,200 over last July. Oklahoma City received $810,012 in use tax from Canadian County.
Union City received $56,183 in sales tax, which was a loss of $32,506. Use tax provided $78,542 for Union City.
Canadian County saw its sales tax revenue fall by $80,632 when compared to last July. This year’s total was $678,622. The sales tax revenue helps fund the Canadian County Children’s Justice Center.
Canadian County’s use tax receipts totaled $197,482. That was an increase of $35,155 over last July.

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