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Former Yukon teacher charged with sexual battery


A former Yukon teacher of the year has officially been charged with two counts of sexual battery.
Robert Brian Davis was formally charged Monday in Canadian County District Court with two felony counts.
Officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department said they expect additional victims to be forthcoming.
Davis, who worked at the Yukon High School for four years, was named the district 2017 teacher of the year. He also was among 12 finalists for state teacher of the year.
He most recently was serving as an assistant principal at Norman High School.
Officials with that school district say Davis was initially suspended, but has since resigned.
Davis was arrested last week and posted a $25,000 bond.
According to court records, Davis is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his Yukon home after drugging her.
Davis’ accuser claims that she was at Davis’s home on May 23 when he offered her some tea. The woman said that she realized after drinking the tea that her speech was slurred and that she wasn’t feeling well.
She said she went outside and Davis followed. He also offered to refill her glass, and it had a strange flavor.
The victim said when she woke the next morning, she was wearing different clothing than the night before and had some vaginal bleeding.
A sexual assault examination was administered at a Midwest City hospital.
Master Sgt. Gary Knight, a spokesperson for Oklahoma City police, said an investigation into Davis is continuing. He said it expected that more victims will come forward.
No court date has been set for Davis.

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