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Native American storyteller enthralls kids


Native American storyteller Will Hill was animated and humorous when he appeared as part of the Mustang Public Library’s summer program.
He follows in the storytelling tradition of the Muscogean people, mixing tales of animals and nature with cultural references from today.
As kids, Hill and his brothers spent summers with his maternal grandparents, Gussie and Rufus Buckley.
The grandparents never spoke English around the house, so the boys were immersed in native language.
“In the evenings, they told wonderful stories,” Hill said.
Hill attended the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico.
Joseph Campbell, the author of “The Power of Myth” and the subject of PBS specials on myths, visited the college.
Hill was among the students who recounted native tales for Campbell.
The author encouraged Hill to translate the stories into English and embellish them with American cultural references.
With this encouragement, Hill began his storytelling career.

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