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City completes ADA-friendly park renovations

Visitors to two of Yukon’s city parks might notice a few new additions that help make the outdoor spaces a fun and safe place for everyone.

Parks and Recreation Director Jan Scott said the city has been working to upgrade facilities so they’re compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. And at places like Taylor Park, which hosts Spirit League games, those upgrades were much-needed.

The Spirit League is open to metro area residents with disabilities.

“They had been using port-a-potties,” Scott said, referencing new, ADA-compliant bathrooms at the park that include wider stalls to accommodate wheelchairs and rails for balance.

At Mulvey Pond, located within City Park, there have been some changes too – including a new fishing pier that replaced a 20-year-old structure.

“This one is covered,” Scott said. “It’s not as large, but it’s ADA accessible.”

The ramp complements existing handicap parking spaces at that location, Scott added.

Around the pond itself, Scott said safety measures were put in place to curb erosion.

“The whole bank was washing away down into the pond (at Freedom Trail Playground),” Scott said. “We had concrete picnic tables on bases, and the dirt had washed out almost a foot underneath those, and there were trees with the roots all exposed.”

A retaining wall fence were installed, Scott said, and the area was graded down.

At the swimming pool, concrete was added between the pool itself and a pavilion and the area was enclosed in fencing, giving children better access to shade during hot summer days.

“We opened that all up so there’s more room for kids to get out of the sun,” Scott said.

The community center has had its share of upgrades, too, with new commercial amenities in the building’s kitchen.

“It was time for an upgrade,” Scott said, noting that prior to the work there had been no hot water in the kitchen and the door had been secured with a wooden bar.

“It was opened in ‘73 or ‘74, so 50 years was time.”

Area residents take advantage of clear skies Thursday by fishing at Mulvey Pond. Photo / Hayden Tucker

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