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Mustang teachers to receive second raise in three months

Despite receiving a pay increase less than two months ago, Mustang school officials announced this week that pay for teachers in the district could soon increase by another $1,220.

That will bring the pay for a first-year teacher with no experience to $41,220.

In April, the district announced it would increase the starting pay to $40,000.

The new raise, which still must be approved by the school board, comes after Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the state’s budget last week.

That budget includes more than $200 million in new educating funding along with pay raises for teachers and state employees.

“We have increased teacher pay by $3,708 from last year,” Superintendent Charles Bradley said. “We want to recruit and retain the best professionals for our students.”

Mustang teacher raises will be comprised of $2,488 that previously was approved by the school board plus the $1,220 that was suggested by the state Legislature.

Previously, first-year teachers earned a base salary of $37,512.

The new salary schedule will include increases for veteran teachers as well.

For example, a teacher with 10 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree will make $46,488 base salary beginning in the 2019-20 school year, compared to the 2018-19 salary of $42,789.

“We are proud of our staff, and want our salary schedules to reflect that,” Director of Human Resources Chris Tobler said. “To that end, we are continuing to look at the salary schedules for support and administrative staff and anticipate an announcement forthcoming regarding their 2019-20 salaries.”

Mustang schools have more than 1,000 certified staff and support employees.

The district has been named among the top workplaces in the state for the past two years.

The district has more than 11,000 students.

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