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Former Millerette Breley Webb changed her style and led her team to history

A Yukon grad’s change in play helped elevate her team to accomplish a feat never done before.

Breyley Webb graduated from YHS in 2018; one year later she was a key cog in Cameron University’s first super regional run. Without Webb’s willingness to adapt, the team may have suffered.

Webb arrived at Cameron assuming she would man the circle for a majority of the games; however, her presence in the lineup forced her out of her comfort zone. She adopted playing first base, along with pitching, this season to keep herself third in the batting order.

“I had to get used to running the bases again because there’s no pinch runners for pitchers in college,” Webb said. “I had to get used to playing the field and running the bases again.”

Adjusting to spend more time on the field wasn’t difficult, given her career at Yukon.

Webb spent a large portion of her time in the pitcher’s circle. She learned to fight through the tired legs while a Millerette.

“I was the starting pitcher all four years, and I was pitching a majority of the games, so I think that stamina helped me in college since we’re playing all seven inning games,” Webb said. “I was just able to pitch longer and for more innings.”

The stamina Webb built up while at Yukon paved the way for her 72 strikeouts through 78.1 innings and an 8-2 record pitching. She shined on offense with a .346 batting average and eight home runs on the year.

She provided a boost to the team on both sides of the field, yet Webb helped the team in an area that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.

Webb became an outspoken voice in the dugout despite being a freshman. She says her teammates didn’t respond well to the new leadership role in the beginning.

“At first, it was kind of hectic because upperclassmen weren’t really used to freshmen coming in and taking over,” she said. “I’m not a shy person. I’m really bold and about business when it comes to softball. “They had to get used to me.

“We clicked and bonded together. It was definitely a challenge at first.”

Breley Webb pitches during her freshman campaign at Cameron University. Webb helped her team to its first super regional trip in program history. Photo / Courtesy

The combination of Webb’s voice and play led to the Aggies going further in the playoffs than anyone imagined.

Through the first game of regionals, it seemed as though Cameron was going to feed into the narrative of being the lower seed. The Aggies dropped their first game of the tournament to Tarleton State 2-1, sending them to the loser’s bracket.

Cameron turned around to defeat Dixie State 5-4, setting up a rematch with Tarleton. Webb and her team upended the Texans 7-5 and moved on to win two games against Texas A&M Commerce by a combined 19-14 score.

Winning the regional championship was something never accomplished in school history. Webb had a hand in adapting a winning culture during her first season as an Aggie.

“You get to college as a freshman, and if you’re not developed, you don’t play,” Webb said. “I started and played in almost every game. I felt good that I could help this school be on the map because nobody thinks about Cameron like that.”

The Aggies would drop two straight games against Texas A&M Kingsville in the super regional round.

Webb says her team isn’t finished yet. In 2020, they’ll look to build upon what they’ve accomplished.

“Next year we’re taking the same spirit,” she said. “We’ve gained confidence now because we’re on the map, and people didn’t really expect us to do anything. There are higher expectations of us.

“We’ll get more votes in the D-2 national poll. Hopefully, it will help more people want to come to Cameron, like better recruits, now that we’re on the map.”

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