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Yukon officials to interview four candidates for girls’ soccer position

Yukon athletic officials hope to have the girls’ soccer coach position filled by next week.

Athletic Director Mike Clark said Friday there are four interviews scheduled for early next week to fill the vacancy. He said he expects a decision by late in the week or early the following week.

Because Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth will be out of town during the interviews, the committee will wait for his return before making a selection. The hiring isn’t expected to be official until the July school board meeting.

“We’re looking for the best coach we can find,” Clark said. “Somebody that can relate to student-athletes today is the biggest obstacle. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter what your knowledge is of the sport, it matters how you communicate.

“If I have a wealth of knowledge and can’t communicate it, it doesn’t matter.”

The spot opened when Steve Scott announced his retirement earlier this month. Scott held the position for six years, compiling a 66-44 record.

This year, the Millerettes were 11-4 and ended their season in the first round of the state tournament.

Though it may seem as though the athletic department will be quick to fill the hole, Clark says patience is key in the hiring process.

“If you get in a hurry, you may not pick the best candidate,” he said. “Let’s say my best candidate is teaching a position that I don’t have an opening, then I’m thinking, wait a little bit and see if maybe we’ll have an opening somewhere and get them in.”

One or two principals are expected to sit in on interviews. Just as important to finding a proper coach is hiring a quality educator.

“In our world, we don’t find the best soccer coach, we find the best teacher to coach soccer,” Clark said. “All of our coaches are teachers first. You’ve got to look at your openings, what you might have open, what you do have open, and you try to fit them in the best you can.”

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