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Millers match with Moore in regional

Yukon’s postseason fate was decided Monday when the regional tournament bracket was released.

The Millers will be headed to Deer Creek Wednesday to take on Moore in the first round. Midwest City will also be there.

The key to success lies within the team.

“I think we can match up with anybody in the regional, it’s just all about us,” Kevin James said. “If we take care of business, we like our chances against everybody.”

There’s good reason to like their chances. Against the three teams in the bracket, Yukon is 3-1.

The Millers started the season with two games against Midwest City. The Bombers took two losses by a combined 17-1.

Deer Creek came to Yukon for the fifth game of the season, taking a narrow 11-10 win.

“They’re a good club,” James said. “They had a good season, they finished second in their district and that’s why they’re hosting.”

Despite not seeing the Antlers in nearly two months, the Millers like their chances.

“We haven’t seen them since then and they haven’t seen us,” James said. “We feel like we’re playing better. My whole deal coaching-wise is, I don’t care if we’re playing the New York Yankees, if we go take care of business we like our chances against anybody but we have to go play. It’s not about who we play, it’s about how you play.”

Before Yukon will see either Midwest City or Deer Creek they must face Moore.

The Lions and Millers played in the last game of the season. Both teams knew there was a chance they would play each other, which is why they decided to keep the game.

“We played them so we could get to look at them. I’m sure coach Hill is in the same boat, he didn’t want to cancel because he gets a chance to look at us. We had a pretty good idea about who we were going to see in the regional during the week. With them being one of them, we wanted to get a look,” James said.

For Yukon, the key to success lies within the team. James said he’s rarely lost a game from what the other team does.

“It’s been a work in process all year offensively,” he said. “We felt like we pitched and played good defense all year, that hasn’t slid any. It always goes back to what we do.

“Very rarely in 30 years have I been beaten. It’s always, we do something to give ourselves the chance to be beat.”

Yukon and Moore are set to play Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., weather pending.

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