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Most high school track and field teams are fortunate to have one good pole vaulter. Yukon girls track and field has three.

Sophomore Kyla Davis and seniors Kenadi Hamilton and Maycie Reed have taken center stage across the state when it comes to 6A girls pole vaulting.

Davis is the favorite to bring home the 6A state championship with her personal record vault at 12-feet, 6-inches this year, while Hamilton and Reed have strong chances to come away with the second-and third-place spots in May at the state meet.

“We definitely feed off each other and always cheer for each other,” Hamilton said. “We are always there to support each other. We definitely have fun competing with each other. We usually place one, two or three. Kyla always places first and Maycie and I battle it out for second and third.”

Most people consider pole vaulting to be an individual sport, but that’s the opposite of how the Yukon girls think.

“We all support each other,” Reed said. “It creates a positive environment. We think about each other more than we think about ourselves.”

A lot of the group’s success comes from feeding off each other, Davis says.

“We feed off each other’s energy. When others do well, you do your best. It helps a lot. We are competing for our own PR’s, but we are always encouraging each other to do better and be our best.”

Maycie Reed, Kyla Davis, and Kenadi Hamilton have become the trio to beat in pole vaulting. Photo / Kyle Salomon

Hamilton said she saw something special in this team toward the end of the last season.

“I started to see how special this year could be for us. We really took off at the beginning of the season. We have a great possibility of us all placing at state.”

Reed said she doesn’t believe any other school has the pole-vaulting depth that Yukon has.

“Look around the state. No other school has three pole vaulters placing as high as we are during our meets. We are definitely one of the best schools.”

Davis said the Yukon pole vaulters have one advantage over most other schools across the state.

“We are very lucky to have the facilities we have. It helps us in a big way.”

Davis has gone above the 12-feet mark numerous times this season. Hamilton and Reed said they get excited when they get to watch their teammate go to work.

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