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Another side of Heimbach

Myka Heimbach has made a name for herself as one of the best scorers in the state yet it’s her selflessness that shines the brightest.

Heimbach finished the regular season scoring 31 out of 43 total team goals this season. Her 31 goals nears the 38 goal state record. She’s been a factor in almost every goal scored for the Millerettes this season but she believes her role isn’t as large as it may seem.

“I wouldn’t be able to score any goals without my team,” Heimbach said. “It’s really not just me. They deserve the credit too.”

She makes her team-first mentality apparent to others in the program.

Coach Steve Scott sees the side of Heimbach not many others see.

“Any time you have a player of her ability, every coach wants to have a player that can produce and do the things she does but it’s about the other things she does,” he said. “It’s the other things she does outside of scoring goals, the things she embodies as a team player. She just as soon help somebody else score than her score.

“She makes the smart decision to get others involved in the play.”

Heimbach’s shining moment came against Putnam City North.

Yukon won the game 10-0 behind a hat trick from the senior. In the game, Jade Langoc was responsible for four goals as well.

“She was very supportive in helping Jade getting her four goals that game,” Scott said. “Whether Myka was on the field for the goals or not. Both ways, she’s always encouraging her teammates.

“It doesn’t matter what class they are, she’s always supportive.”

Myka Heimbach gets past a Deer Creek defender earlier in the season. Photo / Hayden Tucker

Scott has only come across a few players in his 16 years of coaching that can do what Heimbach does. All share one key likeness that sets them apart from the others, he says.

“The team players, the game changers, they love to see their teammates succeed. Ultimately, it’s a team sport so they each do their part. Each one of those players, the similarities of all those players was, when it was their time to do their job, they get it done but then they also embody the idea that it’s not all me,” he said.

Heimbach’s maturity prevailed in the final game of the season.

Yukon lost its first two games but managed to ride an 11-game win streak to the last game of the year. The game against Westmoore was a de facto district championship game, one in which the Millerettes lost 3-0.

After the game, Heimbach was able to focus on the positive.

“I knew it was going to be a really hard game,” she said. “They didn’t get past our defense, we stayed pretty even with them. They just had a few lucky chances.

“I am really proud of how we took care of things even though we did lose, we still played really well.”

The journey for the Millerettes continues Tuesday with the start of the state tournament. If Yukon continues its team-first attitude led by Heimbach, it should find itself going deep into the postseason.

“I feel like there’s a lot of trust,” Heimbach said. “Trusting everyone to play their role and get things done. I think that definitely helps with the team factor.”

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