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Yukon school board OKs district pot policy

Students attending school in Yukon who have received a license to use medical marijuana will be able to do so while at school, a policy approved Monday by the Yukon School Board says.

The policy, which was first placed under review last month, was formally approved as part of the school board’s consent agenda. It not only sets out regulations related to students, but district employees who have received state-issued medical marijuana licenses.

The policy states that employees who have received a medical marijuana license will not have any adverse action taken against them. However, employees will not be permitted to use or possess marijuana while at school.

The policy is based on state law.

Meanwhile, students whose medical condition requires the use of medical marijuana will be allowed to have access to their marijuana and will be permitted to use it on school grounds.

According to the policy, the district will provide a private location for a caregiver to administer the medication. District staff cannot legally administer medical marijuana.

State law sets who can act as a caregiver, and also states that any caregiver must have a license that designates them as the student’s caregiver.

“There will be no smoking on school premises of any substance 24/7 in accordance with the state’s no smoking act. At no time will marijuana be grown or stored on school premises,” the policy states.

It also states that school employees will not assist students in obtaining or using medical marijuana, will not store the marijuana for students, take or use a student’s medical marijuana and will not serve as the student’s caregiver unless the student is the child or in the employee’s legal custody.

The policy states that any student or employee who violates the policy could face discipline.

Employees could face termination or non-reemployment should they violate the policy.

Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said Yukon’s policy was formulated by the Oklahoma School Boards Association and is similar to policies approved by other school districts.

“There are other districts who have done this. This is a new thing for Yukon, but we certainly are not the first,” he said.

Simeroth said medical marijuana will be treated like other medication, where students go to a specific room in their school to receive the medication.

He also said that so far, no students have provided the documentation needed for use of medical marijuana.

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