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Divided council approves multiple tattoo parlors

By Chris Eversole

The Mustang City Council decided Tuesday to not draw the line on tattoo parlors.

The majority of council members approved special use permits for two proposed tattoo parlors on West State Highway 152.

The first tattoo parlor the council considered was at 236 W. State Highway 152.

Council members Darrell Noblitt and Travis McKenzie voted against the proposal because it is near Mustang Public Schools property and across the street from a church.

Noblitt said he was torn because the applicant, Judy Padgett, owns the property.

“It gives me heartburn to restrict your use of your property, but I’m trying to protect minors from temptation,” he said.

Other council members took a stance for limited government regulation.

Mayor Jess Schweinberg took the lead on the use of the property, which is near a soccer practice field – not a school.

“I have a difficult time censoring a business,” he said.

Edward Giblin is one of two applicants that the Mustang City Council approved to run tattoo parlors Tuesday. He works at an Oklahoma City tattoo parlor, and he said his has a strong following, including Mustang residents. Photo/Chris Eversole

Councilman Brian Grider, who is an assistant pastor of the church in question – Trinity Baptist – also favored allowing the tattoo parlor.

“It’s not an issue for the church,” he said.

Councilman Terry Jones noted the importance of a tattoo. “It’s not a piece of ink on the skin; it tells a story,” he said.

Councilman Josh Leete noted that he has a tattoo commemorating a friend he lost while he was serving in Afghanistan.

Consideration of the second proposed tattoo parlor went quickly, with only McKenzie voting no.

Owner Edward Giblin explained that he works at an Oklahoma City Tattoo parlor and is licensed as a tattoo artist.

He said there is no possibility he could mistakenly give a tattoo to someone underage.

New Council member Michael Ray noted he favored the new businesses.

“Welcome to Mustang,” Ray told Giblin.

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