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Yukon prepares to name top teacher

Eleven of Yukon’s top teachers will be honored Thursday by the school district. One of them will be selected as the district’s teacher of the year.

Last year’s teacher of the year, Rebecca Oglesby, will present this year’s honorees.

Oglesby not only is the district’s teacher of the year, but also will begin service in August as the state’s teacher of the year.

She received that honor in September.

The teacher of the year will be named during “The Event,” which will be held at 10 West Main’s Event Center.

The nominees are:

Kristin Doutey, a kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary;

Wendy Green, a music teacher at Myer’s Elementary;

Jamie Hardin, a special education teacher at Lakeview Elementary;

Kelsi Hernandez, a first-grade teacher at Parkland Elementary;

Bryan Jarrett, sixth-grade science teacher at Yukon Middle School;

Chase Langley, a physical education teacher at Shedeck Elementary;

Gene Oxford, a third-grade teacher at Skyview Elementary;

Whitney Stults, a kindergarten teacher at Surrey Hills Elementary;

Whitney Bruton, special education teacher at Independence Elementary;

Stacy Grba, a third-grade teacher at Ranchwood Elementary.

In addition to the teacher of the year, the district also plans to name its Rookie Teacher of the Year and District Support Employee of the Year.

One of these 11 teachers will be honored Thursday as Yukon’s Teacher of the Year. Each of the 11 represents their school as its teacher of the year. The top teacher will be named during a celebration at 10 West Main’s Event Center. Photo / Terry Groover

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