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Yukon sales tax continues to slip

A trend of lower sales tax returns continued to plague Yukon in March, according to figures provided by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

For the sixth straight month, Yukon businesses produced fewer sales tax dollars than they did when compared to both the previous month and the same month in 2018.

And Yukon isn’t alone. Almost half of the cities in Canadian County received less money in March than in February and in March 2018.

Even the sales tax receipts for Canadian County were down against both figures, something that hasn’t happened in more than a year.

Yukon’s sales tax provides a significant portion of the city’s general fund operating budget.

In March, the city received $1,685,021. That is down $124,796 when compared to March 2018, when the city received $1,812,361.

In February, Yukon received $2,062,978.

Yukon’s use tax has continued to rise, however. In March, Yukon received $147,734 in use tax. That is up from $19,244 over last year. However, it is down $79,848 compared to February, when the city received $227,582.

City Manager Jim Crosby said the city is monitoring the situation, and believe that several businesses may have missed payments to the tax commission in March.

However, he also said that Yukon’s numbers will continue to decline as long as residents cross 10th Street to shop in Oklahoma City.

“I think our sales tax will be stagnant and it will stay that way as long as Oklahoma City continues to build right across the street from us. That’s why we encourage people to stay and shop in Yukon,” Crosby said.

Meanwhile, El Reno, Okarche and Oklahoma City also saw declines in sales tax when compared to March 2018.

Oklahoma City’s received $1,915,706. That was down $323,093 for the year. Compared to February, that number was down $956,086.

Oklahoma City’s use tax was up, however, climbing to $501,654. That is an increase of $102,597 over last March. However, it is down $669,067 over February’s numbers.

El Reno also saw a large decline in sales tax. Its March total was $1,262,473. That was down $294,956 from last March , but up $187,539 from February’s total.

El Reno’s use tax also continued to produce funds for the city. The use tax produced $848,169 in March. In March 2018, it produced $604,322.

Okarche also saw a decline in sales tax when compared to last year’s total, but an increase against February. Okarche received $72,209 in sales tax. That is up $31,224 over February.

Mustang saw a decline when compared to February’s sales tax, but increased over last March. This March, Mustang received $880,531. That is up from $810,431 in March 2018, but down $78,536 when compared to February.

Mustang’s use tax totaled $57,444. That is an increase of $11,667 over last March, but down $76,685 from February.

Calumet received $42,263 in sales tax. That is an increase of $17,508 over 2018. It also received $79,376 in use tax, an increase of $58,024 from March 2018.

Geary received $50,592 in sales tax. That is a decline of $35,760 compared to last March. The use tax total for Geary $8,529.

Piedmont received $188,236 in sales tax, which is an increase of $43,773 over last March, but is down $5,824 over February.

Piedmont’s use tax total was $31,175, which was up $2,690 over last March.

Union City received $136,079 in sales tax. That is up $54,983 over last year. It also is up $14,767 over February.

Union City’s use tax totaled $7,017.

Canadian County received $720,805 in sales tax. That is a sharp decline from both February and last March. In February, the county received $898,873. In March 2018, it received $845,601.

The county’s use tax was up. In March, the county received $154,640.

That is an increase of $20,127 over last March, but down $71,882 over February.

In all, the cities shared $6,953,915 in sales tax. That is a decline of $722,495 over last year’s total.

They shared $1,846,964 in use tax. That is up $448,596 over last year and but down $121,768 over February.

The totals are based on actual sales from the last two weeks of January and the estimated sales for the first two weeks of February, the tax commission said.

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