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City of Yukon to host 18th annual Senior Games

The 18th annual Yukon Senior Games are quickly approaching with competition for people at all levels.

The City of Yukon will host the Senior Games April 5 through April 13 where seniors get the opportunity to show their skills against their peers. There will be more than 40 events in 13 categories at a variety of athletic levels for people to choose from.

Basketball events will be offered such as three-on-three games, free throw, three-point, and dribbling competitions.

Bowling will be available to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Leisurely athletic competitions such as billiards, cornhole, washer pitching, and horseshoes are offered.

Track-and-field events are expected to be highly pursued.

Participants can choose from 50-meter, 100-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter, 800-meter, 1500-meter, and 1600-meter races. Field events include discus, hammer throw, and high jump.

Athletic competitions in fitness such as push ups, sit ups, and planks will be tested. Bench press, leg press, and arm curl contests make out the weightlifting section.

Those who enjoy golf may play rounds for friendly competition.

Table tennis and pickleball are offered in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles matches.

“Pickleball is really popular among tennis players who have bad knees,” Yukon Parks and Recreation Director Jan Scott said. “Pickleball is on a smaller court and they don’t have to run as far so they like it. They still have the feeling of playing tennis, it’s just a smaller area.

“They like doubles because they don’t have to run as far. That’s what pickleball players have told me.”

The Yukon Senior Games has events for the not-so-athletically inclined as well. Creative arts challenges in 8×10 photo, poetry, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional pieces will be judged.

“If somebody is not athletic they may be interested in the creative arts,” Scott said.

The games kick off April 5 with a Hollywood red carpet-themed opening gala.

“We have a great social planned Friday night. It’s going to be a

movie-themed red carpet (gala). We’ll have live entertainment and a buffet dinner and door prizes. It’s a lot of fun,” Scott said.

Dancing at the gala will also be offered for the participants.

Registration is open and will conclude March 29. Base registration is $15, and an additional $5 event fee will be tacked on per event.

Registration is open to people from other states, a commonplace for the event and other events like it.

“We have people coming from other states,” Scott said. “We have some regulars that come. There are some seniors that compete in several states. Them being retired, they can move around to other senior games.”

“We get the athletes that were athletes in their younger years so they want to continue competing,” Scott said. “This gives them an avenue to stay active and compete.”

The 18th annual Yukon Senior Games are quickly approaching. Photo/File

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