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Yukon school board approves zoning changes

Some students in the Yukon School District will be attending a different school next year.

The Yukon School Board voted Thursday during a special meeting to move about 85 students who currently attend Myers Elementary School to Parkland Elementary.

The students are all in what is known as the Zone 3 Attendance Area, which is basically the Welcome Home mobile home park near NW 10th Street and Morgan Road.

Dr. Jason Simeroth

Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said the change will impact only those students. Two other nearby mobile home parks will not be affected.

The change is needed, Simeroth told the board, to equalize the enrollment levels at those two elementary schools.

Simeroth said the parents of the students who will be impacted have not been notified of the change, but he expects the transition to be smooth.

He also said the move is needed because the neighborhood that feeds into Parkland is consistent, while the area to the west of the Kilpatrick Turnpike is a rapidly-growing area. Most of those students would be feeding into Myers.

If the change is not made, the district would likely be forced to construct additional classrooms at the school to keep up with student population.

By changing which school the students attend, the district can put off that need for the foreseeable future.

“We want to keep that school at a consistent level,” he said of Parkland. “This will give them a solid student population over the next several years, and at the same time will give Myers room to grow over the next few years.”

The change will impact two classes currently at Myers — a second-grade class and a kindergarten class.

Two other classes that were going to be created at Myers will now move to Parkland.

In addition, Simeroth said the district may create another prekindergarten class at Parkland.

The change will not immediately impact which school the students will attend in fourth- or fifth-grades. Both feed into Independence Elementary. However, that could change once the district opens Redstone Intermediate in the 2020-21 school year.

Simerorth said district will begin working on determining the district boundaries for the three intermediates — Independence, Lakeview and Redstone — this summer.

They both feed into Independence, though that might change with Redstone construction. That is a process that will begin in the summer.

Simeroth said he doesn’t expect any issues, but plans to meet with parents later this month to discuss how the changes might impact them.

“Parkland is and always has been a high-achieving school. It will be closer to their home, and as Mr. (board president Rex) Van Meter mentioned, they will be going to the same intermediate school, in case they have older siblings,” he said.

Meanwhile, a decision on what staff will make the move from Myers to Parkland will be made internally.

“We want to make sure it is the right fit,” Simeroth said.

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