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Rough week on the pitch for Yukon soccer

Moore got on the scoreboard in the first half, from there, it was all frustration for Yukon.

“The goal was a special goal,” coach Neil Hilton said. “The goal was unstoppable, it was a great goal. He hit hit it from the 35 and it went right in the top corner.”

That was the only thing that went right for the Lions (1-2).

“That was their only shot on target the whole game. We pretty much dominated the game from there from start to finish. We just couldn’t score. We banged on the door all night long and we just couldn’t open it up, we couldn’t score. All in all, it was a frustrating night. It was a game we should have won,” Hilton said.

The Millers dropped the game 1-0, falling 0-2 on the season.

“It was a game we felt like we dominated and we let ourselves down,” Hilton said. “Hopefully we can bounce back now but it doesn’t get any easier. Moore is a game we felt we should have won.”

Over the first two games of the season, Yukon has been outscored 4-1 by Norman North and Moore. Goals have come few and far between.

“We had great chances (Tuesday night),” Hilton said. “We had four or five one-on-one’s and then multiple half chances. we’ve got to find a way to score, especially those big chances, we’ve got to show a lot more composure in. The last two days, all we’ve worked on is finishing and trying to transport the ball into the net.

“Hopefully we start seeing the ball fall into the net.”

Millers dropped their home opener to Moore Tuesday in a 1-0 contest at Miller Stadium. The loss drops Yukon to 0-2. Photo/Hayden Tucker

Hilton said his team will need more time on the pitch to increase their scoring.

“Having composure in front of the goal is one of the harder skills to have in soccer, that’s why goal scorer are so important,” he said. “We’ve practiced a lot of finishing the last couple of days. It’s about taking from practice and putting it in the game.

“I think a lot of it comes down to confidence too. We haven’t been vibing, we haven’t been scoring a lot of goals. Some of our boys that want to score goals are lacking a little bit of confidence through missing a lot of chances.”

Yukon played Friday at home against Norman. They’ll play Tuesday at Mustang.

The Millers need to see the ball find its way into the net to turn around their poor start.

“We just need that one game where we put a couple in,” Hilton said. “It’s not going to be easy putting a couple in over the next couple of opponents. Hopefully we can find a way and start converting some of our chances.”

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