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Mustang graduate makes Tulsa Roughnecks roster

A Mustang graduate has made his dream come true.

Colton Haskin made the roster for the Tulsa Roughnecks FC as a defender.

“It didn’t seem real. I asked myself the cliché questions, ‘Am I dreaming right now? Is this actually happening?’ That stuff is really going on through your mind. Then before you can even come to a conclusion that it is you are in a training session, you have games, you are getting all of the gear and playing games,” Haskin said. “Disbelief was the first emotion that I remember and then all of the happiness, excitement and joy followed.”

Colton Haskin

Haskin graduated from Mustang in 2014 and signed to play soccer at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa.

He played all four years as a Golden Eagle before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management and then became a graduate assistant for the soccer team.

It wasn’t a perfect transition from college ball to professional ball as Haskin didn’t get his opportunity immediately.

But his head coach from ORU and his agent stayed on the coach of the Roughnecks about needing to see Haskin play.

“My agent just kept throwing my name out there, and I don’t know how the final process worked, but I got a screenshot from my agent that said, ‘I want to sign Colton,’” Haskin said.

Haskin was invited to a try-out and had a solid showing. He left the try-out knowing he had a great chance.

“I went to the try-out and I just played incredible soccer. It was just a blessing, like I was scoring goals, I felt really fit and just everything was going my way,” Haskin said.

Mustang graduate Colton Haskins has made the Tulsa Roughnecks roster as a defender. Photos/Courtesy

Days later the manager called Haskin and told him that they were wanting to sign him to a one-year contract.

“He called me two days later and said that he saw a lot of potential and me and knew I was a local guy. So, he offered me the value on my contract and all of that and I told him, ‘yeah, Tulsa is where I want to be,’” Haskin said.

He had gone months wondering what his next step was in soccer as he continued to go to school to obtain his MBA.

But in a whirlwind of three weeks he had tried out, been signed and started practice with the team.

“It was a bunch of waiting and then bam, bam, bam and it all happened,” Haskin said.

The Roughnecks’ season begins Saturday at home against the Timbers at ONEOK Field in Tulsa.

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