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Millerettes begin season on wrong foot

Yukon girls soccer started their season on the road, taking a loss at Norman North.

The Millerettes (0-1) came into Norman stadium looking to begin the season on a high note and taking down the Lady Timberwolves (1-0). Those plans were foiled with a 2-0 loss.

“The score line doesn’t actually talk about the game,” coach Steve Scott said. “We actually had good control of the game. It was 0-0 at halftime. They didn’t have really any dangerous chance of scoring in the first half.”

Yukon played a tight first half but a few mental errors along the way in the second cost the contest.

“They had a run down the right side at the beginning of the second half,” Scott said. “The girl just took a prayer of a shot from way out. I think she was trying to cross it. It was just an unlucky ball that went in. It’s not a shot that typically goes in.

“That’s something we deal with right away. That put us down 1-0 to begin the second half.”

The Millerettes needed to rally to tie the match, yet, in their efforts to score, they gave up another goal.

“We made a couple of adjustments, keep going, we change some things and keep going for the tying goal and we ended up giving one up in the process,” Scott said.

Yukon dropped the match, despite giving their best effort.

“We hit the ground running, ready to go and we expect to win,” Scott said. “We made a couple of mistakes on our end that cost us. The other end of that is, we’re still in the process evaluating a lot of players, we’re looking for depth. We’re constantly looking at different combinations of players, we did that all through the preseason.

“If we continue to do that between now and district play, by the time we get to district play we plan to have the girls we’re going with. we’ve got a decent idea but we’re still looking at where the depth is going to come from, what the opportunities are.”

Nothing stood out in the game aside from the weather.

“It was a pretty routine game except for the weather,” Scott said. “It limits how much time you can practice. I’m sure that played a little bit of a factor because we weren’t able to practice as much as we typically do.”

Scott said the weather and school closing over the past two weeks has put a hamper on the start of the season.

“I don’t think it hurt us, I just don’t think we could get into a routine,” he said. “We couldn’t do the things you do two days before the game, things you do the day before the game. You have this certain routine and that routine gets messed up a little bit.

“I’m sure that had a small part in it.”

Yukon plays again Friday at home against Norman.

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