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Man accused of writing $81,000 hot check at Joe Cooper Ford

A Midwest City man is behind bars after allegedly writing a hot check for a new vehicle at Joe Cooper Ford.

Muchengueti Chabikwa allegedly wrote a corporate check for $81,000 on Jan. 31 for a blue 2019 Ford Raptor pickup.

Muchengueti Chabikwa

Upon further inspection days later, the dealership found the check “would not be honored by the bank due to insufficient funds,” a report read.

The dealership attempted to contact Chabikwa to return the vehicle but were unsuccessful.

A report was made and the Yukon Police Detectives, along with the Department of Homeland Security special agents, tracked the vehicle back to Chabikwa’s home address at 11300 SE 15, Midwest City.

Once the suspect drove away from his home, Oklahoma City Police Department conducted a traffic stop and placed Chabikwa under arrest, according to the report.

Upon searching the vehicle, YPD uncovered other bogus checks similar to that of the one he wrote to Joe Cooper Ford, the report states. Chabikwa was booked into the Canadian County jail on counts of receive/possess/conceal stolen vehicle and bogus checks.

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  1. Jennifer Sykes on March 3, 2019 at 10:31 am

    The real crime here is the fact that Joe Cooper Ford charged $81,000 for a new Raptor?!!?? Ha!

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