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Mustang sees sales tax growth, report shows

The February sales tax report showed that the city of Mustang received $959,067. That is an increase of $21,059 over last year but is down more than $50,000 when compared to January’s receipts.

Mustang also received $134,129 in use tax revenue. That is up $39,459 from January and $87,993 from last February.

Use tax receipts are the result of sales that are made from online retailers.

The report is based on actual business conducted in the final two weeks of December and estimated sales in the first two weeks of January.

While Mustang showed increases in both sales and use tax, Yukon’s sales tax receipts declined for the fifth straight month, and it’s a trend that officials don’t expect to end soon.

City Manager Jim Crosby said last week that the declining sale tax is to be expected. Many shoppers are taking advantage of new stores that are opening south of NW 10 Street. Those businesses, he said, are in Oklahoma City, so the sales tax goes to that city.

The portion of Oklahoma City in Canadian County was a big winner in both sales and use tax from Canadian County business. Oklahoma City received $2,871,795 in sales tax. That is up $1,214,421 from last February.

Oklahoma City’s use tax also increased $685,796 from last February, but it was down $62,608 from January. The February total was $1,170,721.

Yukon’s sale tax is down about $20,000 over last February’s report and a little more than $16,000 from January.

Crosby said once development begins on Frisco Road, Yukon will likely begin to see increases in sales tax as businesses locate in that area. However, that is still at least 18 months away.

In February, Yukon received $2,062,978 in sales tax. In January, it received $2,079,149. Last February, Yukon received $2,083,013.

Yukon did see an increase in its use tax from both January and last February. The use-tax check was for $227,582 compared to $203,715 in January and $179,086 last February.

Overall, municipalities in Canadian County shared $8,318,742 in sales tax for the month. That is down $281,662 from January but is up $1,192,203 when compared to last February.

Use tax numbers were up by $1,170,381 when compared to last February and $362,183 when compared to January.

In all, the county shared $2,594,585 in use tax revenue.

About half of the cities in Canadian County saw increases in sales tax when compared to last year.

El Reno took a major hit in sales tax revenue. This year’s total was $1,074,934. That is down $1,018,495 from January’s total, while it also is down $105,878 from last February.

El Reno’s use tax continues to show strong returns, bringing in $686,175 in February. That is up $311,484 from January and $239,647 from February 2018.

Geary received $63,413 in sales tax, a decline of $28,141 from last February. Geary’s use tax was also down $718 from February. This year’s total was $4,644.

Okarche, which receives funds from both Canadian and Kingfisher counties, saw a $46,186 decline in sales tax revenue year-over-year. This year’s total was $40,985. Okarche’s use tax totaled $21,444. That was an increase of $5,360 from February 2018.

In Piedmont, sales tax revenue totaled $194,060. That was an increase of $39,448 over last February. Piedmont’s use tax was $70,646. That also was an increase of $20,428 compared to February 2018.

Union City saw a large increase in both sales tax compared to last month and last year. Union City received $121,312. That is up $75,627 compared to January and $39,213 over last February.

Union City did see a decline in its use tax revenue. This year’s total was $8,404. That is down $2,227 from last February.

Canadian County’s sales tax revenue was up significantly when compared to last year’s February total. This year, the county received $898,873. That is up $95,708. The sales tax fund the operations of the county’s children’s justice center.

Meanwhile, the county’s use tax also increased by $79,914 year-over-year. This year’s total was $226,522. It also was up $31,459 over January’s total.

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