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Reed gives update on football program, input on new rule

The OSSAA recently agreed to change the rules with the play clock for high school football in Oklahoma.

There will now be a 40-second clock that starts as soon as the previous play is blown dead by officials.

The previous rule said that once the official set the ball and blew the whistle, the offense had 25 seconds to get the snap off before a flag was thrown for delay of game.

“I like the new rule,” Yukon coach Jeremy Reed said. “It gives the offenses a chance to go even faster. It follows the college model, which is good. It makes it more streamlined, so I am definitely in favor of the rule. It will be different for the person running the clock. The officials are going to have to adjust. There will be an adjustment period. It allows for a smoother game and shouldn’t affect us at all.”

Following the conclusion of the 2018 season, Reed said he gave his players some time off before they started winter workouts.

The Yukon football players returning for the 2019 season had a week off before getting back in the weight room.

“We used that time right before Christmas break to get back to the basics in the weight room,” Reed said. “We wanted to make sure our guys are using the right form before we started getting after it in January. When we came back in January is when our 2019 team began to take course.”

Every Wednesday morning until spring practice opens in May, the Yukon football players have an opportunity to be a part of the volunteer leadership class.

“We have anywhere from 35-to-48 kids come every week,” Reed said. “We are going through the book, ‘Extreme Ownership,’ as a group. It goes over both team and individual leadership.”

Yukon finished the first cycle of its offseason program this week and the players will go through testing next week to see how far they have come and how much they have improved.

At the end of February, the Miller players will go through a week-long boot camp. They will start at 5:30 a.m. and be challenged mentally and physically.

“It will be the second year we do the boot camp,” Reed said. “We had a lot of positive feedback from last year. The kids seemed to really like it.”

Following the boot camp, Yukon will head into the second cycle of its offseason program.

Mondays in the offseason program are for creating culture, Tuesdays are working on tackling with no helmet or pads, Wednesdays are for football 101, Thursdays are for offensive lineman skills and skill competitions between the other players and Fridays are for toughness and competitiveness.

Following spring break, Yukon will start including football skill training in its workouts.

In January, Reed took his defensive staff to San Antonio to take part in the American Football Coaches Association Convention.

Spring practice will begin May 13.

“We want to have our culture developed by the time spring practice starts,” Reed said. “The foundation of the team is built from January through April.”

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