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A Valentine’s Day Do-Over

Engaged couple hopes to recreate first holiday together

A rainy day on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in 2013 brought two Mustang natives together. This Valentine’s Day will be their last as a single couple.

Troy Huddleston and Emily Haas, both 2013 graduates – Huddleston of Mustang High School and Haas of Southwest Covenant – will be spending the last Valentine’s Day before they are married shoring up what was meant to be their first Valentine’s Day before chaos struck.

In 2014, the first Valentine’s Day for the couple, was meant to go smoothly, right? No.

Haas suggested a dinner at Cattleman’s in Oklahoma City, and after attempts of telling her that it was going to be too busy due to the restaurant not taking reservations, Huddleston took the trip to the Stock Yards.

When the couple arrived, they were greeted with a more than two-hour wait. So, Haas’ next suggestion was Texas Roadhouse.

The couple arrived at Texas Roadhouse to find, yet again, another two-hour wait.

“I was devastated. I was like, ‘I have to eat now kind of like the Snickers commercial.’ I was so hungry,” Haas said.

At this point, Haas was devastated and emotional. She told Huddleston to take her back home and she doesn’t care what they eat.

So, the couple, who had been together for less than three months, decided on a popular Valentine’s Day restaurant and ate at Sonic.

“He tried to take me to Del Rancho and I didn’t want that. Then we ended up at Sonic. I was just crying in the car so upset. It was our first Valentine’s Day and we were eating fries and popcorn chicken,” Haas said.

Neither was pleased with how the night turned out.

So, about a week later, Huddleston made reservations at Shogun Steak House of Japan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a nice, romantic meal.

How they began dating

Haas and Huddleston have known each other since attending Mustang (South) Middle School. But they didn’t date until their freshman year at OU.

Haas didn’t decide to attend the University of Oklahoma until late in the process. She admits the decision was made to follow her boyfriend at the time.

That boyfriend didn’t pan out. The couple separated shortly into the first semester.

On a rainy day in November, Haas remembers walking across campus to her next class when some random person flicked the water off their poncho and onto her. Haas spun around to see who had gotten her wet and standing there was a familiar face: Troy Huddleston.

“Some guy with a poncho came and doused me in water. He just flicked his whole poncho on me. I turned around, I was so mad and I was like, ‘who did that?’ and it was Troy,” Haas said.

Huddleston gave Haas his number and told her that they needed to catch up sometime soon. After a few weeks of no texts from Haas, Huddleston reached out on twitter and mentioned Haas hadn’t texted him.

One conversation led to another, and Haas eventually agreed to allow Huddleston to take her to dinner, so they could catch up.

The two Mustang natives who had known each other for so long, hit it off and the relationship began.

Valentine’s Day No. 5

This Valentine’s Day, the last before the two join in last name, Huddleston has already made reservations somewhere special, Shogun Steak House.

“This year we will go to the same place that we went on our re-Valentine’s Day. Hopefully it goes better than last time. But I think we have learned not to go somewhere that doesn’t take reservations,” Haas said.

The couple admitted that due to saving money for the wedding, large gifts will not be exchanged. Instead they will rely on the basic Valentine’s Day cards and flowers.

Neither one had put too much thought into this being the final Valentine’s Day as Haas and Huddlestons, but after a short thought mutually agreed that it is different.

“It is weird kind of thinking about it. Every little event leading up to our wedding is going to be like the same thing where we are like, ‘Oh I didn’t even think about it’ because we have been dating so long,” Haas said.

The couple had a few words of encouragement for any single men or women out there that may be looking for their significant other.

“I feel like everyone has a partner that they are meant to be with. Everyone is different and finds their spouse or love that they are meant to be with when it is time. A lot of people just aren’t ready because they are more focused on their career or school,” Huddleston said.

Haas looks back on finding her significant other and considers them lucky for finding each other so soon.

“I just feel like we were lucky being able to find each other that soon. I would just tell people, ‘Don’t worry about finding that perfect someone. Whenever you’re not looking is whenever they end up coming into your life,’ when you are least expecting for sure,” Haas said.

The soon-to-be-wed couple plans to cherish this Valentine’s Day together before they get married in October and start a new journey in life together.


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