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Mr. 1,000

Southwest Covenant’s Will Haas hit 1,000 career points Tuesday against Calumet

There was a buzz in the Calumet gym Tuesday night.

Will Haas connects on a layup for his 1,000th career point Tuesday against Calumet on the road. Photo/Glen Miller, El Reno Tribune

The 22-1 Chieftains are enjoying a successful season, and with the playoffs just weeks away, one would think the buzz would be for them. It wasn’t.

Southwest Covenant’s faithful made the trip and filled the stands in hopes of watching junior Will Haas score his 1,000th point. The buzz was in the visiting stands before the game. Family and friends made signs, and people were excited.

Haas needed only four points to accomplish the feat.

He got his first points on a layup at the 6:20 mark in the first quarter, leaving just two to go for the mark. The crowd roared with excitement, knowing it only took one more shot.

With the clock nearing three minutes in the first, Haas grabbed a defensive rebound and sprinted to the other end of the court. With a Chieftain defender in his face, he sunk a layup, eclipsing 1,000 points.

Four points seems like so few to many but for a player who scored 996 points, he was afraid he wouldn’t get there.

“I was stressing out all day. ‘Am I even going to score four points?” Haas said. “It was really stressful because that’s a big landmark. It’s a good thing to show.”

Coach Kevin Cobbs called a timeout after he hit the shot to commemorate the moment. Haas ran to the huddle, surrounded by his teammates, then turned to the crowd and waved.

“Everyone was screaming and I was thinking, ‘Oh my goodness there are so many people here just for this.’ It was wild. It was a good experience to have.”

Part of the nerves came with the news coming at such short notice.

The night before, the Patriots had a game against Astec Charter, which they won 71-57. Late in the game, Cobbs informed Haas how close he was to 1,000 points.

“He (Cobbs) said, ‘You better not score any more points,’” Haas said, recounting the game before. “I said, ‘Okay, I’ll just score tomorrow,’ and he said, ‘You’ll do that.’”

In the huddle after making the layup, Haas was surrounded by his teammates giving him a pat on the back, shouting in excitement. The junior is the fifth time in Patriot history a player joined the elite club. Cobbs was there for the other four as well.

Will Haas was presented with a poster after the game with his career milestone. Photo/Courtesy

To Cobbs, what makes Haas stand out is his appreciation of the teammates he’s had.

“Will will tell you, he’s got some great teammates,” he said. “He’s played with some great teammates to help him along the way. It’s been fun to watch these guys develop.

“It’s a great individual accomplishment and a great milestone but he keeps it in perspective. “He’s very humble.”

Haas’ accomplishment is unique in that he reached it during his junior season.

He’ll have one more year to keep scoring points. Haas says he doesn’t know how high he can get his scoring total, but he keeps his expectations realistic.

“1000 in a season would be difficult,” said. “That would be amazing. I’m going to try and go for 400, maybe 500 next season if I can get that.”

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