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Yukon prepares Owen Olsen for Naval Academy


Most football players who sign letters of intent to play college football at the Naval Academy do so with little understanding of what it will take to be successful.

For Yukon senior Owen Olsen, it is the exact opposite.

Olsen signed his letter of intent during Wednesday’s early signing period to play football at the Naval Academy. He has a strong knowledge of what is awaiting him.

“Most kids have no clue what they are getting into when they sign with Navy,” Olsen said. “With Perry (Olsen) going through it this year and the Yukon football program preparing me the way it has, I feel like I have a good understanding of what to expect.”

Perry is Olsen’s older brother. He is in his freshman year at the Naval Academy Prep School in Rhode Island and just completed his first football season.

Owen Olsen also will play his freshman year at the Naval Academy Prep School.

“It will be awesome to have a chance to play football with Perry again,” Olsen said. “I didn’t think that was going to happen after high school.”

Other schools that were on the top of Olsen’s list were Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, Missouri State University and Oklahoma State University, which wanted the Yukon senior to come and be a preferred walk-on for the Cowboys.

At the end, Olsen said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity Navy was offering.

“In the past couple of months, it just made sense,” Olsen said. “They were offering a full ride, and with the education I will receive and Perry being there, it made sense.”

Olsen was a standout defensive end/outside linebacker for the Millers over the past two seasons, but he will start out at the wide receiver position for Navy. Olsen said he will get a look at defense as well if he chooses to when he gets to the next level.

Olsen will leave in July, but there is one thing he will enjoy until the moment he hits the road … his hair.

Olsen’s hair has grown nearly down to his shoulders and he will be forced to cut it off before he hits campus in mid-summer.

“A lot of people joke with me now and keep telling me I am going to have to cut my hair,” Olsen said. “When the Navy coaches would see it, they would always bring it up and I would tell them, I am just trying to make Perry jealous.”

Most high school football players are eager to get on the field as soon as possible when they get into the college ranks, but Olsen said he is good with going to the prep school and improving physically and mentally before playing for Navy.

“It will be a good chance to get bigger, faster and stronger and to also learn how to study and do what I need to do for school,” Olsen said. “I am looking forward to that first year.”

Owen and Perry are not the only Olsen’s who have or will serve their country in the armed forces. Their older sister is in the National Guard and their grandfather served in World War II.

“I have always wanted to serve,” Olsen said. “It’s just in my blood. Several people in my family have served, Perry is going to serve and I am going to serve. It’s an honor. I have always had a patriotic bone.”

Owen Olsen is pictured above holding an American flag after a football game during the 2018 football season. Olsen has signed his National Letter of Intent to further his education and football career at the Naval Academy along side his brother, Perry. Photo/File


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