Months of training for one shot at Pom state competition for Yukon

In most sports, athletes will spend countless hours, weeks and even months preparing their bodies and minds for games, matches or tournaments in an athletic season.

However, for high school pom squads, you train all of those hours, weeks and months for one shot to hit your routine.

The Yukon High School pom squad will compete in the state competition at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Oklahoma City University and the girls will have one chance to show the judges what they have been working on since last spring.

“The girls work so hard,” Yukon pom coach Whitney Duty said. “In the middle of the getting ready for a competition, we are supporting our school and community. We had a great football season this year and now we are into basketball and wrestling. The practices are jam-packed and the girls have worked really hard. We have one shot, so we try to get as many public performances as possible because it’s different when you perform in front of other people.”

There are 19 girls on the Yukon High School pom squad, but two are injured, so they will be competing with 17 on Saturday.

“The first portion of our dance was our tryout dance we started learning back in the spring,” Yukon pom sponsor Becca Reape said. “This is the dance we took to OU pom camp this summer and won first place with, so we are excited to see what we can do at state. We have changed a few things and added a few things to the dance. We practice every day on top of doing our other responsibilities. We have the dance and the skill, so it will come down to execution on Saturday. We have one shot to do it perfectly in the moment.”

Yukon believes they have what it takes to win a state championship Saturday.

“It’s going to take us believing in ourselves,” Yukon senior pom captain Paige Clark said. “Remember all the hard work it took to get here and executing each motion we have.”

Yukon Pom will compete at the state competition this Saturday at Oklahoma City University at 1:30 p.m. Photos/Kyle Salomon


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