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What’s next for Mustang football coaching staff?

With the news of Jeremy Dombek’s resignation as the head football coach at Mustang High School, next came what does the future hold for the coaching staff?

Athletic Director Robert Foreman had meetings with the staff last Wednesday and informed the staff the ultimate decision will be up to the next coach.

“Moving forward those guys are still out there with football,” said Foreman. “When the next head coach comes in, he will make the determination on his staff. Hopefully those guys want to be a part of the staff moving forward.”

The head coaching search has heated up with multiple names being thrown around the community about who’s the frontrunner for the position.

“Things are going great. It is a highly sought-after job, like I’ve said before, it’s the best job in the west and, in my opinion, one of the best jobs in the state,” said Foreman. “There will be a line wrapped around the building wanting this job.”

Foreman said that he wants the hiring process to be done by early January.

The process of hiring a new superintendent will not hinder the hiring process of the new football coach.

Defensive coordinator Adam Gaylor uses a moment to teach Liam Krivanek in a game early in the season. Photo/Ron Lane

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