Four Star Fitness ready to make impact in Mustang

Nestled in between Tractor Supply and The Vine could be a new cornerstone of the Mustang community.

Four Star Fitness recently opened its doors to the public with plans to set themselves apart to the local competition. This will be the gym’s fourth location in the metro area, with others in Oklahoma City and Edmond.

The gym has established itself as a tight-knit community at their other locations and they think that mantra will fit perfectly in Mustang’s small-town charm.

“It’s a good family atmosphere,” said Four Star owner Kevin McBride. “We hear that a lot. There’s just a good pride in the gym, we keep it clean, we always try to keep new equipment.

“I always say we’re a neighborhood gym, I think people like that.”

Four Star Fitness sets itself apart in their business as well.

The gym will be open 24/7 with a key card that will give members access during unstaffed hours. A child care room will be available with Legos and connect four games. Bean bag chairs and TV’s are among things to come.

Unlike other gyms with staffed trainers, Four Star will have independent trainers who will file insurance with them. Whereas some institutions take part of the money a member pays for a trainer, McBride’s says his business takes none.

Tanning beds are also available.

All of these amenities come with Four Star’s single membership package. $35 will give members access to everything the gym has to offer.

“Every gym charges extra for it, we don’t,” McBride said. “We’re a one price gets everything model. We’re actually cheaper than about every option out here and we don’t charge extra on anything. There are no yearly fees, no maintenance fees, no childcare fees, no tanning fees.”

Family plans are offered. An additional person can be added for $17.50, half the price of a normal membership.

McBride says he brings his business to Mustang upon member requests.

“We had such a strong following, especially at our May Avenue location, we had so many people from Yukon and Mustang that I just saw a need out here,” he said. “Everyone told me to go out to Yukon but the more I drove around Mustang, it just felt like it was right for us.”

The feedback McBride is hearing to this point has been positive. Many say they have more options than anywhere else.

“They like the variety of options on the workout equipment,” McBride said. “A lot of people here in Mustang say the options they had, just didn’t have everything they needed. That’s their favorite aspect of it so far.”

Nobody is more excited to bring Four Star Fitness to Mustang than McBride. He feels this is the perfect place to expand his business.

“I think it’s going to play well here because, even in Oklahoma City, my May (Avenue) gym is the one I’m at a lot and everybody in there knows each other,” he said. “They get to where there’s a community feel inside there.”

Four Star Fitness recently opened in Mustang with plans to set themselves apart from the local competition in the metro area. Other locations include Oklahoma City and Edmond. Photo/Hayden Tucker

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