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Samantha Lindsey enjoys her roles with SWC, Mustang

By Hayden Tucker


In the fall, Samantha Lindsey can be found on the sideline of a Southwest Covenant volleyball game, but her day job keeps her at a different school.

Along with being a volleyball coach, Lindsey is a fifth-and sixth-grade S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teacher at Mustang Horizon Intermediate Center. Her path is just as unique as the career she has.

She began coaching volleyball in her sophomore year of college at Mid-America Christian University. Lindsey and her team won the National Championship in 2001 during her playing days. She later returned as the head coach from 2006-2008.

After several years at the collegiate level, she stepped down before having her second child.

Lindsey took two years off before returning to coaching.

Kevin Cobbs was employed by Christian Heritage, which is where Lindsey graduated and now Cobbs is a principal at Southwest Covenant. He asked her for suggestions of potential volleyball coaches and when none of those panned out, she opted to take the job herself.

It’s been seven seasons at Southwest Covenant and not a day goes by where Lindsey feels she didn’t make the right choice.

“It’s the kids, the parents, the school, the atmosphere,” she said. “I just fell in love with all of it. The students are different.”

Lindsey has coached various teams in her 16 years; the players at Southwest Covenant stand out amongst the crowd.

“I coach all kinds of students,” Lindsey said. “I coach club, so I coach kids all over the state of Oklahoma and the kids (at Southwest Covenant) are different. They love Jesus, they’re coachable, they’re kind, they’re committed to each other, they’re respectful.”

Lindsey is an accomplished coach at multiple levels. Many think she would want to move up from a private school district to a larger one like the district she teaches in.

Those thoughts entered her mind when she first started coaching for the Lady Patriots, but not anymore.

“I haven’t had the thoughts to look elsewhere,” Lindsey said. “Plans change. Originally, I thought I would go after something big like Mustang High School but then I got there and that was the right path to take.

“I’m extremely happy there and I don’t see any reason to change it up.”

Lindsey entered her 12th year of teaching at Mustang. She spent her first six years teaching math from fourth to ninth grade. Since then she’s taken on the S.T.E.M. class, something she’s come to love.

“This opportunity opened and this allows me to be a little more creative and allow the kids to do higher level thinking and creating,” she said. “I love teaching STEM, it’s been a blessing to be in this job.”

Though she’s been approached by people at Mustang to coach, the allure hasn’t been present for her. Lindsey always thought she would take the bigger job, but when Southwest Covenant came into her life, she wanted to stay.

“I always assumed that I would probably, after a few seasons of taking a break, coach for Mustang High School since I was a teacher here,” she said. “Once I got to Southwest Covenant, I was hooked.”


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