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Excited for opportunities with the Mustang News

By Hayden Tucker

Taking this job with the Yukon Review and Mustang News was an easy decision to make and I’m ready to show the readers and the communities why.
Part of my role with the papers is to write about sports, it’s what I’m best at. But you’ll see my name next to stories about up-and-coming businesses, community happenings and other topics. I’m excited to expand my talents to other areas of news.
I’ve lived in the Mustang/Yukon community for the past eight years, I’ve spent a good portion of my life here. I attended four years in Mustang schools before transferring to Yukon High School. I understand the lifestyles people lead from both sides of I-40, and I’m glad I get to apply it to these papers.
Most recently I was covering Mustang High School athletics. There I got to meet some great people and watch sports with great histories. Getting to cover the place I spent my first two years of high school was nostalgic. Now, I get to cover the place I spent my last two as well.
I’m excited to be covering a great school in Yukon that I have a personal history with. A 2016 Yukon graduate, I know what it means to be a Miller and how important it is to the students and faculty of that great school. Yukon athletics are on the rise and it will be great to have a front row seat for that.
Having the opportunity to get to know the people of Southwest Covenant is something I look forward to. I’ve been around the program as I was covering Union City last school year. I’m excited to see what that school has to offer.
I want readers to understand that I’m here with a purpose. I want Yukon high school and Southwest Covenant to get the coverage they deserve. Both are doing great things right now.
Yukon football finished with their best record since 2013. Southwest Covenant football is working on a state appearance. Things are trending upward. It’s important that a local community newspaper has someone there night in and night out to give the rest of the community that information, and I’m ready to show you why I’m the person for the job.
Sports, news or anything else, journalism is about serving the people, and I’m ready to serve Yukon and Mustang.
I can be reached at 354-5264 ext. 106 or at

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