Mustang’s Jordan Thayer overcomes leg injuries as a young girl and finishes her high school cross country career as an All-State harrier for the Lady Broncos

By Brody Feldmann

Cross country runners rely heavily on their legs and feet to get them around the course during a race.
Mustang’s Jordan Thayer was told by a doctor in the sixth grade that she would never be able to walk without a limp. Thayer didn’t allow that to stop her, and she took to cross country.
“That says a lot of her perseverance,” said girls cross country coach Greg Osborne.
When Thayer was in pre-kindergarten, she had a table fall on her legs, breaking both legs. Thayer broke her left leg again in the first grade.
She has had three surgeries on her left leg since the first incident.
“My doctor told me I would never walk without a limp, ever again. Here I am running and an All-Stater in cross country. So, it is pretty awesome,” said Thayer.
The first surgery was immediately after the first break, as doctors had to reset the bone. Thayer would then undergo two more surgeries when she reached the sixth grade.
In the second surgery, doctors placed a leg-lengthening device in her left leg. Thayer would go back into her third surgery, later in the year to have the device removed.
Even with the surgeries, Thayer’s doctor told her that she would more than likely never walk without a limp. Not only does Thayer walk without a limp, she runs without a limp and is a top 10 harrier in 6A.
“Just to come through those surgeries on her leg and to be such a strong athlete today says a lot about her perseverance,” Osborne said.
Last season, the Mustang coaches suggested that Thayer place an insole inside of her left shoe to help even out the difference.
Using the insole helped Thayer improve her time nearly every time she steps foot on the course.
Thayer walks away from her high school career at Mustang High School as a prime example that perseverance and hard work breeds success.

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