Yukon swimmers set to open season Friday in Lawton

By Hayden Tucker, staff writer

Yukon swimming is expected to have contrasting seasons from the boys and the girls.

Last season the boys found success in their relay teams and the girls team was inexperienced. This season, those could be switched.

This year the boys team has several freshmen and the girls team has experience. Not only will they have experience, but they’ll be armed with depth as well.

“The girls will be better this year than last year,” coach Bruce Clifton said. “Swimming is a numbers game. The more people you can place at a meet, the more points you score. Just the fact that the girls have more depth this year than they did last year should improve some of the meet scores.”

Though they’re going to have an advantage, the competition is getting tougher.

More teams will be entering class 6A this year and that will make things more difficult.

“The biggest problem we’re facing right now is, they upped the number of 6A teams,” Clifton said. “The teams they brought in are teams that won state championships at the bottom. All that does is makes it a lot more competitive. It takes away a lot of spots.”

After losing several members from its relay team, the boys are moving into an improving year.

Clifton says the boys’ year could resemble that of the girls from last year. Taking this year to get experience and accumulate depth could pay off in the long term.

“They’re kind of in the place the girls were in last year,” he said. “I have some good boys, there’s just not a lot of depth to it yet.”

The lone member from last season’s relay team, junior Isaiah Auld, is expected to be a stand out swimmer for the Millers. Auld had an eventful summer, winning a national competition.

“The returning member from the relay team will be right there at the top of the state. I fully expect him to make state. He won a national race at central.”

Yukon will be playing it by ear this season with new teams in their class.

“This year I’m not real sure how it’s going to go,” Clifton said. “We’re going to have to see how these new teams add to the competition.”

Yukon swimming dives into their season this Friday at Cameron University in Lawton.

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